Statistical data

Viticulture and Enology in Croatia

Vineyards and winemaking in the Republic of Croatia have a long and rich tradition, and in some areas of Croatia are the only possible branch of agriculture that has left life in the past in these areas, left a rich cultural heritage that is now part of the world heritage.

Today, wine production in the Republic of Croatia can be characterized as a production that has a high tendency for quality development, as evidenced by the increasing number of medals in international wine ratings.

Wine producers joined in 2011 at the Wine Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and jointly created a single strategy and a brand of Croatian wines under the name of “Vina Croatia – vina mosaica”. In the Wine Association we believe that Vina Croatia would stand out from New World wines on history and heritage, from Old World regions on accessibility, simplicity even.

Since 2014, the Wine Association has been a full member of the European Wine Association Comite europeen des entreprises vins -CEEV, represented by EU producers and wine trade.


surface area:
– a total of 20.941 ha of vineyards
– average size of vineyards – 0,26 ha
– average vineyard / farm size – 0.51 ha

Areas of vineyards by region:
– Slavonia and the Croatian Danube – 30.5 ha
– Croatian Uplands – 22.2 ha
– Croatia Istria and Kvarner & Dalmatia – 47.3ha