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Vina Croatia brand strategy

The whole brand is defined through constant reminders on selection and development of wines – focus and priorities – branding and promotion


To put Croatia on the wine map of the World as a recognizable source of different high-quality wines

Competitive positioning

Vina Croatia brand will distinguish itself among the New World wines through its history heritage and from the Old-World wines by its simplicity and availability

The strength of the brand Vina Croatia

Authentic taste, famous background – Wines which are followed by the taste of terroir from they originate like:

  • Deep strong wine Plavac Mali from the coast of Dalmatia
  • Fresh spring wine – Malvazija from the mystic and green Istria
  • Grasevina rich with texture from the shiny region of Slavonia and Croatian Danube
  • Light and fresh wines from the Croatian Uplands region

Based on these values Vina Croatia are creating a new brand of Croatian wines connecting history and new identity of Croatian wine mosaic.