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Traminac was named after the place Tramin in South Tyrol (Italy), but the origin from that place has not been proven. It is considered to be a French variety, an aromatic mutation of the Savagnin rose variety. Today, a large number of clones are known, and within the population, Traminer Red, Traminer Aromatique red, and Traminer Blanc are known. The most famous synonyms are Traminer Roter, Red, Rouge (for Red), and Gewürztraminer Roter, Muskattraminer, Savagnin Aromatique Rose (for Aromatique). The Traminer Aromatique was first described in the 19th century in Germany, and was named after the German word “Gewurz” which means spice, and today it is the most commonly grown variant.

Traminer is a moderately exuberant variety with a large number of densely pushed out upright growing branch runners. The leaf is small to medium size, roundish, it comes in three or fiveparts. The front of the leaf is bare and the back has tufts of cobweb fluffs. The leaf blade is lined with bubbles, with dark green front and light greyish and green back side. The leaf stalk is short and thin, reddish. The grape cluster is small, slightly elongated, red, bluishly sprinkled. Ripe grapes are small, slightly elongated, red, bluishly sprinkled. In the case of Traminer Aromatique they are reddish ochre-yellow in colour, with thick and tough skin. Its meat is thick, mucous, and its juice is very sweet with specific odour and taste. 

Traminer is sufficiently resistant to Peronospora and mildew and moderately resistant to botrytis. 

The botanical and other features of Traminer Red, Aromatique and Blanc are the same except for the colour of the berries.

It is grown worldwide in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In Croatia, the most famous is the Ilok Traminer, which has been grown in the area since the end of the 19th century, and today covers an area of about 100 ha, and is considered one of the leading European Traminers.

It is one of the most headily and distinctively aromatic varietals of all with strong lychee flavours and high alcohol levels. Wines from regular vintages are mostly dry, of lime-tree odour, and honey-like, of complete taste, rich and full.

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