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The Association of Winemakers gathers and acts on behalf of all members involved in plant production (grape growing) and grape wine production.

Council of the Association of Winemakers

The Council of the Association of Winemakers consists of 17 members, representatives of the most important companies and winemaking associations. The President of the Association is Gianfranco Kozlović, Kozlović d.o.o.

The Council of the Association of Winemakers deals with and analyses current problems common to all winemaking companies. Furthermore, it proposes appropriate measures and offers possible solutions (a market situation, tax and customs policy, measures to improve production, etc.). Proposed measures are regularly submitted to the competent state authorities. Additionally, the Council of the Association of Winemakers makes the efforts to build successful wine brands and consequently increase sales on domestic and foreign markets. It accepts proposals of the Marketing Committee and suggests possible changes of activities within the Council and the Committee.

Marketing Committee

Specific problems of certain activities and markets are being analyzed and resolved at the Committee meetings. Marketing Committee has been established within the Association of Winemakers as the central operational body operating in its area and reporting back to the Council of the Association.

Rules of Procedure regulate the activities of the Council of the Association of Winemakers and its bodies.

The Association of Winemakers adopted a brand strategy named “Vina Croatia – Vina Mosaica” in 2012. The strategy is being implemented through a clear goal, the strength and character of the brand, and the desire to position Croatian wines on the world wine list.

The goal of the Association of Winemakers is to put Croatia on the wine map of the world as a recognizable source of different, high-quality wines.

Vina Croatia will be recognizable compared with New World wines in terms of their historical heritage, from Old World wines in terms of simplicity, and from other new wines in terms of accessibility.

The strength of the Croatian wine brand comes from the authentic wine flavours and origin. Wines carry the taste of the region they come from, such as:

• Dark, powerful wine – Plavac Mali from steep, sunny slopes of the Dalmatian coast, part of the

    world heritage.

• Fresh, fragrant, spring wine – Malvasia from small hills with gentle slopes of mystical, green Istria.

• Rich textured wine -Graševina from the rich soil and golden summers of Slavonia and the Croatian

   Danube region.

• Fresh and lively – Vina bregi from the sunny hills of the north-western part of Croatia.

The character of the Vina Croatia brand will embody Croatian multi-layered natural and cultural uniqueness:

• Its natural resources and geographical diversity offer many different destinations

• Its ancient heritage and vision of the future

• Its multicultural origin and originality created by merging different culture areas

With these values, Vina Croatia evoke a new Croatian entrepreneurship brand, combining the authentic originality required for the competition on a global scale, encouraging a new identity to unite the Croatian mosaic.