Wine Association

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The Wine Association brings together members involved in grape growing and grape wine production.

Council of Wine Association

The Wine Association Council consists of 17 members representing the most important companies and the Wine Production Association. The President of the Association is Gianfranco Kozlović, Kozlović d.o.o.
The Association Council has the task of analyzing and quickly addressing the problems encountered jointly by all companies in the field of winemaking and proposing measures for their resolution (market situation, tax and customs policy, measures for improving production, etc.). Proposals of regular measures are submitted to the competent state bodies. Furthermore, the Association works with the aim of branding wine and increasing sales of wine through domestic and foreign markets.

Marketing Board

Specific problems of individual activities and markets are analyzed and solved in the meetings of the Board. The Board proposes, analyzes new markets, compiles an annual promotion plan for Croatian wines in the world.