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Continental Croatia

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Continental Croatia is divided into 4 major regions, 7 sub-regions and 35 wine-growing hills:

• Danube Region
• Slavonia
• Central Croatia

–Moslavina Hills
–River Kupa Region
–Plešivica Hills

• Northwetstern Croatia

–– Zagorje and Međimurje
–– Prigorje and Bilogora





Continental Croatia is characterised by cold winters and warm summers. However, Central
and North-western Croatia are significantly colder regions in comparison with both Slavonia and
the Danube region. Western parts of Croatia are therefore appropriate for the cultivation of more
aromatic varietals, such as Sauvignon, Muškat and Rhine Riesling, the latter being extremely
resistant to low temperatures.

Northern and Central Parts of Croatia are ideal for the cultivation of aromatic varietals
and bring forth wines of the highest quality.

Eastern Croatian regions are aposite not only for the cultivation of Burgundy wines, especially the
Pinot varietals, such as Pinot crni and Chardonnay but also for the cultivation of the most prominent
varietal of continental Croatia – Graševina. Although Graševina is to be found in almost every
continental sub-region, its cultivation has shown marked results in the Danube region and Slavonia.
Traminac, Frankovka as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Burgundy area show the best
results on the eastern areas of the Danube region. Eastern Croatia is specific in cultivating larger
vineyard areas, unlike other Croatian regions, in which individual vineyard plots are rather small with
an average surface of one hectare.

Slavonia and Danube regions are the most appropriate terroirs for the cultivation of Graševina.