Coastal Croatia

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The Croatian coastal region consists of three major regions, five sub-regions and 31 vine growing hills:

• Istria
• Hrvatsko primorje or Croatian Littoral
• Dalmatia, consisting of:

– Northern Dalmatia
– Central and Southern Dalmatia
–Dalmatinska Zagora (Dalmatian Hinterland)







When compared with the Istrian peninsula, Croatian Littoral and Dalmatian Hinterland,
Dalmatia is significantly warmer, due to the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, the high hills of the
Istrian hinterland and mainly to the highest Croatian mountain range, the Dinara, situated in
the hinterland of Dalmatian Zagora. Therefore, vine varieties from these regions vary widely. As
opposed to continental Croatia, local vine varieties have been predominantly grown along the
coast, whilst international vine varieties were first introduced some 25 years ago. Dalmatia, as
the warmest area of the coastal region, produces stronger wines, with a higher degree of alcohol
and also a lower level of acidity. The colder coastal regions, such as the Istrian peninsula, Kvarner
and Dalmatian Zagora, produce wines with a more distinctive aroma and refreshing character.

Dalmatia: Mediterranean Climate

Istrian Peninsula and Croatian Littoral:  Where Mediterranean and Continental climates blend